Should we improve or move, or move up rather than out?

Most experts agree that if you decided to move from a typical property to gain another 3 rooms and you are moving up the chain you would realistically expect to pay an additional £80,000 – £100,000 and this is without the moving costs estimated below.

Although these moving costs are estimates, other things that have not been taken into consideration like carpets and curtains which usually need changing when moving have not been included. Another proven fact is that most homeowners do major work on any new home within the first two years of occupation… so what more convincing do you need, if you are happy where you are living and have the room to do so…

A typical conversation to get 2 bedrooms and a bathroom costs approximately £45,000 but when you offset this costs compared to moving this can highlight quite a different picture.
This is a typical example of fees involved when moving:


Conversion cost £45,000
Moving costs £15,750
Difference between the above is £29,250
Agents Fees: 1.5% on a property of £250,000 £4,500.00
Solicitors Fees £900.00
Survey Fee £450.00
Conveyancing/Remortgage Fee £300.00
Stamp Duty @ 3% on a property over £250,000 £7,500.00
Removal Costs £21,00.00
Total Cost £15,750.00

VAT has been added where applicable.

The figures above are approximate.

So the actual costs for the 2 additional bedrooms and the bathroom has cost a little more than £29,000 which most people would agree represents a great investment to gain 3 extra rooms.

Please click here to read this article from the Telegraph about reaping the rewards on moving up, rather than moving out!

So… you feel that improving is your best option and you want to avoid the pitfalls, now take the avoiding a disaster test below.

We’ve all seen the horror stories on TV relating to unscrupulous builders, but there are ways to avoid these potential nightmares, do your homework and ask yourself these simple questions before choosing a company to work on your home.

Please read through the list below and if your answers are YES to the follow questions, then you’ve come to the right company!

1. Do you want a quality loft conversion and guarantee?

2. Do you want a company that project manages the whole job from start to finish?

3. Do you want a company that turns up and communicates when they say they will?

4. Do you want a fixed price quote with no nasty surprises later?

5. Do you want the work done by full time professionals from one company and not sub-contracted?

6. Do you want an agreed start and completion date with high levels of customer satisfaction?

7. Do you want a company that provides references and viewings of previous work?

8. Do you want a company that will welcome a credit check for the clients peace of mind?

If you haven’t answer YES to the following questions, then you’re probably not as serious about high standards and good old fashioned customer services as we are!… Try us and see, you won’t be disappointed.

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